Habits Lead to Excellence

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle.

What is it that fires you up and is more or less the anthem of your life? Each of us has an anthem for life, something that is fundamental to our existence, the song our heart sings, and the picture our soul paints. That elusive something that runs as the fundamental thread through our entire lives and nudges and beckons us ahead. Many of the habits we formed in the early days of our business or career were based on that anthem and became part of our essential fundamentals.  What leads us to develop our habits and fundamentals of our business can also slowly lull us into a pattern or a rut without realizing it. Consider your work habits in your business and in your daily routine such as your daily calendar of activities and even where you go for coffee or lunch each day or even the route you drive to work or back home,  In order to give room for change perhaps you can alter or change one thing about your daily routine which would allow you to open up for change or growth? It is very important to consider our current methods and look for ways to refresh or reboot our processes or habits.  This is like spring cleaning and making room for creative ideas or growth.  How can you return to that anthem and hear that song once again in your heart.  Consider making  room for creativity and  new ideas.

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe your daily habits in business,

2. How do these habits shape your character?

3. How do these habits shape your beliefs?

4. Are you stuck in those habits?

Habits are excellent ways of improving customer service, developing quality relationships and branding individuals and companies.  Habits can also hold us in captivity and stunt our creativity and making one change

Things to Consider:

  • Describe a positive habit you have seen or experienced from others.
  • What habit can you alter or completely change  to allow a new flow of creativity or opportunity
  • Consider who you need to meet that can help you reach that new dream or goal

 Final Thoughts:

Everyone needs a trusted circle of like-minded people to support then and share thoughts or ideas. If you don’t have a team of like minded or other thought leaders surrounding you,  consider forming your own “think tank” board of advisors in your community and begin to meet together and share success, ideas and support.