Meet Art Butcher

It is my nature to identify and offer client focused suggestions.

I creatively implement ideas that facilitate your success while engaging my own strengths on your behalf.

I have researched, analyzed and developed business solutions in operations, sales, marketing, product development and R&D in the United States and Europe.

These solutions led to more business, faster time to market, and increased revenue, productivity and profitability.

I have experience in:

  • Business Change
  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Plans
  • Customer Relations
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Create Products And Services
  • Technology Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Information Management
  • Website Design
  • Building Successful Business Relationships

I have directed a wide range of diverse projects ranging in publishing, heavy and light equipment manufacturers, auto parts distribution, pipe and steel manufacturing and distribution, chemical manufacturing, food products, pharmaceutical manufacturing and non-profit sector.

My products and services appeal to business professionals who wish to excel in business.

I will bring to the table the methods, systems, and core values that together build a strong foundation and continuing platform for your business success.

I develop novel ideas and solutions for complex problems.

Brainstorming is second nature to me. I am a ready source of ideas and suggestions. Innovative solutions come when we think differently than we normally do – when we step out of our comfort zone.

The creative process of thinking of alternative ways or paths for you to reach your goals comes naturally to me. I am able to notice and articulate what makes you different and how to capitalize on your unique strengths.

I am at my best...

... when I can make a substantial difference and... where measurable improvement is highly valued.

Professionally I’m known for analyzing the dynamics of businesses. I excel in the business of business. I’ve designed solutions in: strategic planning, product development, marketing, sales, operations and technology in the United States and Europe.

I have worked in process manufacturing businesses serving clients of all sizes as well as professional services and technology consulting companies offering services to businesses of all sizes.

I have made significant contributions to...

... companies by analyzing business requirements and implementing solutions to improve productivity and profitability.

I started my career as a business analyst. I developed my foundation at Union Carbide and flourished at Lubrizol. At IBM and Plaut Consulting, I had wonderful opportunities to consult and lead projects at great clients and learn the craft from talented consultants and business leaders.

The entrepreneurial bug hit me in 2002. I started my consulting practice working with small businesses.

In 2005, Kathy Smart and I founded the IBAL with desire to help enterprising business owners and executives reach their potential.