Meet Kathy Smart

Kathy shares a unique blend of strategy, skills and tools mixed with tenacity, action and results! Her ideas flow freely and constantly. Kathleen surrounds herself with experts in all fields of business or industry. She listens with a keen ear to identify what her clients really want to accomplish. Kathleen has the tenacity to not “let go” of her clients even in the hard times! Often her 90 minute targeted strategy sessions will provide you with the kick start you need to reach that next level or target! With over 30 years of actual business training and coaching experience, Kathleen brings a wealth of ideas and proven strategies for success to you and your company!

In 2005 Kathy Smart and Art Butcher Founded the IBAL in order to provide a different kind of business networking opportunity in Atlanta and surrounding communities.  Their vision was to offer exposure to teaching segments coupled with live activation at the tables with leaders who could facilitate connection and the application of the information being presented during each event. They knew that relationships form quicker when people are given the opportunity to be heard and to share their knowledge and experience with each other in a safe and focused environment.

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Kathy started her own consulting and training Company, SmarterIdeas in early 2001 and has been working with business owners and entrepreneurs since 1980.

“I believe that everyone has a story to tell and very seldom do they find an outlet to share it!  There are so many opportunities where people can network and get leads. However not many opportunities for sharing ideas or building strong centers of influence.  I love history and learning about why a person started their business or what experience they are able to share with others.  This is why I have been so passionate about the creation of IBAL International Business Academies of Learning.  IBAL is a place where Entreprenuers, Business Owners and Professionals can come together in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect to share their vision and creativity and have the opportunity to share the skills and tools necessary for their personal and business success. ”

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