Think Tank Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with International Business Academies. Your organization has a business polish that makes it stand out among the many professional organizations to which we belong. I am confident that our relationship with the IBAL Circle of Excellence will only reflect positively on our firm’s business image and I wanted to thank you for your efforts

-Brent Eslinger Commercial Risk Underwriters

 "Your program regarding the when and where you network was a true wake up call. Your point about investing our most precious asset, time, really got my attention. As a result, I have made changes in my thinking. I am now much aware of the ROI with any networking situation. I no longer am a member of some of the groups I was partiiating in prior to joining IBAL. I am now very focused. IBAL is a great asset to anyone who will take the time to be involved. The ROI in personal and professional growth is unmatched

- Richard Lauter Love Story Photography

 "It was evident that Judi put a lot of work into this six week membership class. Each class built on the previous one giving a natural flow to the learning process. It allowed us to think, digest and verbalize the numerous thought provoking ideas that Judi challenged us with in each class. I had never seen some of these trainings in other classes I have attended over the years. The classes were very professional, and I would highly recommend it!"

- Mary Williams NuSkin

 I enjoyed the IBAL meeting on Friday with Harvey Mackay as the guest speaker. It was invigorating to be in a room full of energy, created by people who were obviously the best of the best. The talk by Mr. Mackay and the "life" in that room provided me with a very needed boost. I also had the pleasure to sit next to Mary Nell Boyce - what a woman! Attending one event, convinced me, this is a quality group


 The International Business Academies of Learning offers an interesting blend of networking, creative and practical marketing, relationship building, and breakfast meetings with activities for personal and professional growth. I’m a professional that’s passionate about my business and IBAL works in a balance that not only enriches my business, it enriches my life

- Sharon Norris Synergy In Silk