One Idea Can Become the “Ultimate Win-Win”

One of the most eye opening experiences was being invited to participate in a two day mastermind "Think Tank" session with five other very successful business leaders.  Each of the six of us were told we would have the opportunity to share a major goal or objective to the group with the plan that  each of us would add value and provide literal support to reach that goal collectively as a group.  In the beginning I was so excited I couldn’t stand still, until that little voice of self-doubt entered my head and began questioning what I could possibly offer to these amazing people that I respected so much.  My mistake was believing they were so much farther along in their businesses or experience that I was.  

Once the meeting began it didn't take long before I began to see where I could add value and ideas to each project.  By the end of the first day I had saved one person a thousand dollars and created an avenue to distribute over 500 copies of his book.  In turn that same individual gave me a marketing idea and USP tag line for my business that has enabled me to easily explain a concept that is typically very difficult to convey to others quickly.  This also set me apart as an Industry Expert in my field.

The ultimate win-win in any group of dedicated team members is that one idea can play into another and come full circle back to each person who participates.  When the opportunity to listen and learn from others is made available amazing results happen. This only happens when we are eager to add value to others and establish what our intended outcome is.  We must also be open to constructive criticism in order to grow.  These types of relationships don’t just happen overnight we must commit to others and become that trusted resource partner to others.   Never underestimate your value or worth to others because we each have life and business experiences and stories we can share.

Discussion Questions:

1). Name one objective or goal would you choose to bring to the group if you were to be invited to participate in a similar event?

2). Share one quality or talent you can share with others that can add value to the others?

3). How will you prepare for an event such as this?

Things to consider:

  •        Have one goal in mind rather than sharing the big picture
  •        Keep the focus on end result
  •        Listen to what and how the members of the group are sharing

Final Thoughts:

Listening is the best place to start in any situation you find yourself in.  Whether you are attending an open networking event or a private mastermind type meeting.   Asking questions is the best way to arrive at the end result.  The more you know the greater the possibility to add more value to the room