When Things go Wrong – Advice vs Adviser

Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about ~ unknown

My mother was the first person in my life to give me advice. Throughout life we hear a quote or a comment that somehow sticks to us in ways we just know this was a message for us.  The first thing I remember my mother telling me was "pretty is as pretty does".  Just with that one comment I grew up knowing that looks aren't everything, Our thoughts and perceptions are formed early by our parents, teachers and other advisers.  How many times have we experienced something unexpected?  Do we immediately seek to vent or Post it, Tweet it, Blog about it?  People are forming opinions based on what they read on social media or hear on the news.  Human nature seems to seek out advice rather than advisers.  What if this could change and things could be different? Perhaps you could look at this in a totally different way?  At times there are tests we need to take and the solution isn't going to come until we learn what the lesson is trying to teach us. There are multiple sources of advice, good and bad. We can google it or even ask siri.  The question becomes what outcome are you actually seeking?

We prepare for a possible natural disaster, fires emergencies and we even purchase insurance where possible. What about our daily life and business?  We can have a plan for how we will react to sudden situations where decisions and actions are imperative to the solution and determine in advance who we will seek for advice.

Discussion Questions:

1. Who is your go to adviser? We all have someone we call in a crisis or when something great happens.

2. Do you ever ask yourself who has experienced this before or who can I speak to who has solved the same type of problem.

3. If you are facing the same problem over and over what steps can you take to break the cycle?


Things to Consider:

• Meeting with a circle of advisers, experts or mentors on a regular basis allows for you to both draw support and lend it at the same time.

• Determine what industry experience or knowledge you would wish to include within that circle.

Final Thoughts:

In tough situations it is very important that we get clear as quickly as we can.  If we are seeking advice  we  need people we can speak with that have wisdom and experience to share.  This person should be someone who has the ability to lift us up and help us look for the solution and someone we can be honest with.  A great mentor once told me that we become like who we are spending the most time with.  Surrounding yourself with people who are traveling the same road and seeking even greater goals than we are will encourage us to reach higher and farther.  The solutions we seek are never at the level of the problem!